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Swaraj Target 630

The Swaraj Target 630 is a tractor that stands out with its impressive strength and durability. It features a powerful 29-horsepower engine, which adds to its remarkable performance. Additionally, the tractor's design is exceptionally attractive, further enhancing its overall appeal.

Swaraj Target 630
Swaraj Target 630
Starts From ₹5.35 L
  • Brand SWARAJ
  • Horse Power(HP) 29
  • No of Cylinders 3
  • Max PTO HP 24 HP
  • Engine Capacity 1331 CC
  • Gear Box 9 Forward + 3 Reverse
  • Brakes Oil Immersed Brake
  • Lifting Capacity 980 Kg(s)
  • Warranty * 4500 Hour / 6 Year
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Swaraj Target 630 tractor represents a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge power and technology, poised to bring about a significant transformation not only in India's compact lightweight tractor segment but also across the entire agricultural domain.

The Swaraj Target 630 is an impressive and robust tractor boasting a formidable 29 horsepower engine, accompanied by an exceptionally appealing design. Swaraj Target 630 stands out as an innovative and compact tractor recently introduced by Swaraj Tractor. This 4WD tractor incorporates advanced engineering that enhances various agricultural operations, ranging from land preparation to post-harvest activities.

Features of Swaraj Target 630

Efficient DI Engine: Equipped with a high torque of 87 Nm, this engine effortlessly pulls trailed sprayers weighing up to 800 liters, even in challenging muddy terrains.

Impressive MaxLift: Boasting a remarkable lift capacity of 980 kgf, this tractor can effortlessly handle the heaviest of implements with ease.

ADDC Hydraulics: The advanced ADDC Hydraulics system ensures consistent depth control in draft implements like the Duckfoot cultivator and MB plough, guaranteeing precise and uniform operations.

Narrowest FlexiTrack: This model features the narrowest overall width in its category, measuring 3 feet. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to adjust the track width to 28, 32, or 36 inches, depending on the specific crop requirements.

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Spray Saver Switch: Incorporating innovative switch technology, this tractor enables significant savings of up to 10% on expensive sprays, ensuring efficient usage.

Wet PTO Clutch: With the utilization of Wet PTO Clutch technology, this tractor allows for continuous operation of power take-off (PTO) implements, even when the main clutch is pressed.

Sync-Shift Transmission: Enjoy the convenience of smooth gear shifting similar to that of a car, thanks to the Sync-Shift Transmission system implemented in this tractor.

MaxCool: Equipped with a generously sized radiator that is 20% larger than standard, the MaxCool feature ensures efficient cooling, allowing for uninterrupted tractor usage over extended periods of time.

Engine Specifications of Swaraj Target 630 

No. Of Cylinder


HP Category

29 HP

Capacity CC

1331 CC

Engine Rated RPM

2800 RPM


Liquid Cooled

Air Filter

Dry Type, Dual Element




87 NM


Transmission of Swaraj Target 630


Mechanical Synchromesh


Single Dry Clutch

Gear Box

9 Forward + 3 Reverse

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Hydraulics of Swaraj Target 630

Hydraulic Control System

Automatic Depth & Draft control

Three Point hitch Category

Category 1

Max Lift Capacities

980 kg

Transport lock


Hitch Pump Flow (lpm)





Oil Immersed Brake


Dimension and Weight

Total Weight

975 KG

Wheel Base

1555 MM

Turning Radius With Brakes

2100 MM


Additional Features of Swaraj Target 630

  • Engine Key Stop enables the convenient operation of starting or stopping the engine using a key.
  • Balanced Power Steering reduces fatigue when making frequent turns in row crop fields.
  • The Headlamps provide clear and powerful illumination, resembling daylight, even in dark conditions.
  • The stylish Digital Cluster ensures easy readability of information, even in low-light situations.
  • The Fully Sealed 4wd Portal Axle offers improved ground clearance and prevents mud from entering the axle.
  • The Dual PTO (540 & 540 E Economy PTO) allows for fuel savings when using lighter equipment such as alternators and water pumps.

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Swaraj Target 630 Basic Information

  • Brand SWARAJ
  • Variant Mini Tractor
  • Horse Power 29 HP
  • Starting Price 5.35L
  • Max Price* 5L
  • Warranty* 4500 Hour / 6 Year

Swaraj Target 630 Engine

  • No of Cylinders 3
  • HP Category 29 HP
  • Max PTO HP 24 HP
  • Engine 1331 CC
  • Coolant Liquid Cooled
  • Air Filter Dry Type, Dual Element

Swaraj Target 630 Transmission

  • Transmission Type Mechanical Synchromesh
  • Clutch Single Dry Clutch
  • Gear Box 9 Forward + 3 Reverse

Swaraj Target 630 Brakes and Steering's

  • Brakes Type Oil Immersed Brake
  • Staring Type Balanced Power Steering

Swaraj Target 630 Power Take Off and Fuel Tank

  • RPM 540 & 540E
  • Fuel Tank 27L

Swaraj Target 630 Weight and Dimension

  • Total Weight 975 Kgs
  • Wheel Base 1555 MM
  • Overall Length 2100 MM

Swaraj Target 630 Wheels, Tyres and Accessories

  • Lifting Capacity 980 Kgs
  • 3 Point Linkage Category 1
  • Wheel Drive 4 WD
Swaraj Target 630
5.35 L