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TSC 5113- The Tractor Driven Multi Crop Combine Harvester

TSC 5113

Super Standard TSC 5113 is a Multi Crop Tractor Driven Combine Harvester offering superior performance in tough terrain conditions. This harvesting machine is specially designed to perform in tough geographical conditions. Super Standard TSC 5113 combine harvester is widely known for its remarkable combination of strength, sturdiness, performance, and efficiency.

Regardless of soil or crop conditions, this harvester provides high-efficiency performance. It offers optimum harvesting performance, technology, care, comfort, and convenience to the operator for enjoyable work. This combine harvester is easy to maintain and has a high ground clearance for better stability.

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Features of Super Standard TSC 5113

  • It is installed with Power Steering for easy handling.
  • It has a high-capacity hydraulic system for heavy-duty tasks.
  • It requires a tractor with a minimum 55 to 75 HP power engine.
  • This harvester is only suitable for 4WD drive system tractors.
  • It is equipped with a total of five straw walkers.
  • It is the best choice for crops like paddy and wheat.

Technical Specifications of Super Standard TSC 5113

Tractor Required

Min. 55 to 75 HP, only 4WD

Chasis size

1041 mm

No. of Straw Walker

5 straw walkers

Cutter Bar Width

3657 mm

Cutting Height

55-1000 mm

Paddy Cutting Capacity

1 acre per hour

Wheat Cutting Capacity

2 acres per hour


Overall Dimensions

Overall Length

11100 mm

Overall Width

2640 mm

Overall Height

4115 mm

Min. Ground Clearance

380 mm

Total Weight

6035 kg

TSC 5113

Additional Information

Super Standard TSC 5113 Combine harvester comes with a starting price of Rs. 8.25 Lakhs with a manufacturer’s warranty. This tractor-driven harvester is suitable for crops like paddy, wheat, soybean, sunflower, pulses, grams, and mustard. It is installed with multiple tread pattern tires with sizes 16.9 x 30 front, 11.2 x 24 rear, and 6.50 x 20 trailer. Super Standard TSC 5113 is widely used on hard as well as in soft soil conditions.

About The Brand

Founded in 1980 by Mr Gurdail Singh, Super Standard Brand has a great world-class infrastructure for helps farmers in the quality production and export of agricultural implements and machinery across the world. Super Standard provides the latest machinery and equipment for designing as well as manufacturing the range as per the needed technical specifications. Super Standard has a long range of farming machinery such as Combine, Mini Combine Harvesters, Straw Reapers, Self-Propelled Combine Harvesters, and many more. It aims to provide all modern technology farming machines for helping farmers maximize yields, reduce loss and conserve resources.

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