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Super Standard Combine 985-The Self Propelled Combine Harvester

Super Standard Combine 985

Super Standard Combine 985 is a self-propelled combine harvester equipped with a high-power 6-cylinder Diesel Engine. This combine harvester offers a large torque reserve, low maintenance costs, and a simple design.  Super Standard Combine has high fuel efficiency and is environmentally friendly. It has a large grain tank capacity for storing clean grains and also increases performance efficiency by reducing unload cycles.

Improved Augar System for Quick Unloading of grains into tractors and trailers. The Threshing System with Flexible Concave provides active separation with minimum damage to grains and straw and makes sure of consistent and gentle threshing without loss.

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Features of Super Standard Combine 985

  • It is installed with a powerful engine of 101 HP.
  • It is installed with power steering for extra comfort.
  • It offers no grain breakage and grain loss in the field.
  • It has a fuel tank capacity of 380 liters for durability.
  • The grain tank has a large capacity of 2000 Kg (wheat).
  • It is equipped with five straw walkers for efficient work.

Engine Specifications of Super Standard Combine 985


Ashok Leyland


6 Cylinders

Engine HP

101 HP


Cutter Bar and Thresher Drum

Cutter Bar Width Working

4325 mm

Width Effective

4250 mm

Cutting H. Min

50 mm

Cutting H. Max

1225 mm

Thresher Width

1230 mm

Dia. Of Drum

600 mm

Speed Of Drum

620-862 mm


Concave and Blower

Concave Width

1280 mm

Concave Type

Open Flat Bar

Blower Dia.

580 mm

Blower Type

1265 mm


Straw Walker and Cleaning

No. of Straw Walker



3960 mm


4325 mm

No. of Sieves


Cleaning Type

Open Lip Frog Mouth


Super Standard Combine 985

Additional Details

Super Standard Combine 985 comes with a starting price of Rs. 18.25 Lakhs in India. It is installed with intrinsic features like a tyne bar pick-up reel with a diameter of 880 mm, two batteries with 12V 100Ah capacity, and hydraulic steering. Super Standard Combine 985 provides a working capacity of 4.5 acres per hour for wheat and 3.5 acres per hour for paddy. It has multiple tread pattern tyres of sizes 18.4-15 inches front and 9.00-16 inches rear.

About The Brand

Founded in 1980 by Mr Gurdail Singh, Super Standard Combine Harvester INDIA has a great world-class infrastructure for helping us in the quality production of agricultural implements and machinery across the world. Super Standard is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment for designing as well as manufacturing the range as per the needed technical details. Super Standard provides farming machinery including Combine, Mini Combine Harvesters, Straw Reapers, Self-Propelled Combine Harvesters, and many more. It aims to offer the technology that helps farmers maximize yields, reduce loss and conserve resources.

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