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India's First FPO Call Center Launched in New Delhi

India's First FPO Call Center Launched in New Delhi

Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Nadendia, Joint Secretary (Marketing), Ministry of Agriculture, officially launched India's first FPO call center today at Krishi Jagran Headquarters in New Delhi. MC Dominic, Founder and Chairman of Krishi Jagran and Agriculture World, Shiny Dominic, Managing Director of Krishi Jagran and Agriculture World, and Mashar Velapurath, MD of AFC India Limited attended the hybrid event.

Commenting on the occasion, Chief guest, Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Nadendia said, “I've seen Kisan call centers that have been extremely helpful to farmers in answering their questions. Per that concept, Krishi Jagran and AFC have established India's first FPO call center, which will aid in the development and operation of FPOs. The FPO call center will be in charge of assisting FPOs by answering their questions. I applaud the two organizations for launching this initiative.”

Many notable personalities from the agriculture sector attended the inauguration, including KV Somani, CMD of Somani Kanak Seedz, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, VP of New Initiatives DeHaat, and Daya Shankar Singh, President of UP FPO Association.

As per the Founder and Chairman of Krishi Jagran and Agriculture World, Mr. MC Dominic, this FPO call center provides a one-stop shop for all of the issues and challenges that the farmer community is currently facing. We've put together a team of experts who can answer any of their questions and help them succeed. Let us work together to ensure the success of this joint initiative between Krishi Jagran and AFC so that FPOs can take over the Indian business sector.

MC Dominic, said at the event, "The inauguration is a watershed moment in history, particularly for the FPO sector. This effort's main goal is to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi's goal of establishing 10,000 prosperous agri FPOs in India."

India's First FPO Call Center Launched in New Delhi

"Krishi Jagran has started this FPO call center initiative with the technical support of AFC," said Mashar Velapurath, MD of AFC India Ltd. “For years, the state and central governments have made numerous efforts to promote FPOs, including NABARD for the last ten years."

"Over 85% of farmers in India are marginal farmers with a mere 1 hectare of farming land. The organization of FPOs simplifies the cost and process of input, marketing, and value addition, doubling the farmer's income while lowering cultivation costs. Through this FPO call center, we are attempting to bridge the communication and information gap that exists in the agriculture sector," he went on to say.

Along with this, Daya Shankar Singh, President of the UP FPO Association, addressed the issue of FPO management and indicated that the FPO Call Center is a method of resolving issues faced by FPOs throughout the country.

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, DeHaat's VP of New Initiatives, also congratulated Krishi Jagran and AFC on this unique initiative.

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