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Farmers to Get 60% Govt Subsidy on Reaper Machines for Easy Harvesting: Process in Detail

Under the scheme, farmers can benefit from a subsidy of up to 60 per cent on the purchase of tractor-driven reaper machines.

Farmers to Get 60% Govt Subsidy on Reaper Machines
Farmers to Get 60% Govt Subsidy on Reaper Machines

To support farmers during this harvest season, the government has announced a subsidy on reaper machines under the Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Scheme. With the harvesting of Rabi crops underway, particularly wheat, farmers are being encouraged to make use of reaper machines to increase efficiency and productivity. Here's what you need to know about the subsidy scheme and how to avail of it:

1. Reaper Machine Subsidy Details:

Under the scheme, farmers can benefit from a subsidy of up to 60% on the purchase of tractor-driven reaper machines. The subsidy is provided by the state government and is categorized based on the type of farmer:

General farmers are eligible for a 50 per cent subsidy or a maximum of Rs 25,000.

Farmers belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Extremely Backward Classes can avail of a higher subsidy of 60 per cent or a maximum of Rs 30,000.

2. Benefits of Reaper Machines:

Reaper machines offer numerous advantages to farmers during the harvest season. These machines are operated with the assistance of a tractor and can be mounted on the front or side. They significantly reduce the time and labour required for harvesting, allowing farmers to harvest more crops in less time. With one litre of diesel, a reaper machine can harvest approximately one acre of the crop in about 45 minutes, making it a cost-effective solution for farmers.

3. Documentation Required for Reaper Subsidy:

Farmers interested in availing the subsidy on reaper machines will need to provide certain documents during the application process. These documents include:

Aadhaar card

Income certificate

Residence certificate

Caste certificate

Bank account details

Copy of passbook

Registered mobile number linked to Aadhaar

PAN card

Proof of ownership of farmland

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4. Application Process for Reaper Machine:

Farmers in Bihar can apply for the subsidy on reaper machines through the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme. Before applying, farmers must register on the DBT Portal of the Agriculture Department, Bihar. Once registered, they can apply on the website of the Agriculture Department. Applications will not be accepted without a registration number from the DBT portal.

Interested farmers can apply online from anywhere at their convenience. The subsidy amount will be deducted from the price of the equipment, and the remaining amount will need to be paid by the farmer. The grant amount will then be transferred to the account of the agricultural equipment manufacturer.


5. Assistance Available:

For specific information regarding the online application process, farmers can reach out to their Block Agriculture Officer/Assistant Director (Agricultural Engineering) or District Agriculture Officer.

The Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Scheme aims to alleviate the financial burden on farmers and promote the adoption of modern agricultural practices. By providing subsidies on reaper machines, the government seeks to enhance the efficiency and productivity of farmers during the crucial harvest season, ultimately contributing to the overall growth of the agricultural sector.

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