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Farmers in MP Discover Substitute for Fertilizers, Dose Crops with Country Liquor

Farmers from Madhya Pradesh have applied country liquor into their moong fields. Moong production is reportedly benefiting from the cost-effective alternative of mixing 100ml of country liquor with 15 liters of water, as claimed by farmers. They have also claimed that alcohol is a boon for farmers and has increased both quantity and quality.

Farmers in MP Discover Substitute for Fertilizers, Dose Crops with Country Liquor
Farmers in MP Discover Substitute for Fertilizers, Dose Crops with Country Liquor (Image Credit: NDTV)

Recently farmers from Madhya Pradesh have applied liquor in their moong farms. Farmers in the Narmadapuram district of Madhya Pradesh view it as a valuable asset for cultivating pulses, turmeric, and several other crops. While farmers regard alcohol as an effective pesticide, agricultural scientists hold a contrasting viewpoint.

Farmers from MP have mixed 100 ml of liquor with 15 liters of water and sprayed them across crops after sowing. According to reports farmers have claimed that in this country liquor treatment is very cheaper compared to other chemical treatments and can even provide better productivity and increase in income.

Premshankar Patel from Narmadapuram told that success in high crop yield is mixing a small quantity of liquor with water and spraying it on the crops. He told, “Crops grow very well and produce a good yield.”

According to Patel, the expense of pesticide spraying on moong cultivation amounts to ₹100-150 per acre, whereas the utilization of country liquor incurs a cost of ₹10-12 per acre. He explained that a small quantity of pesticide needs to be sprayed specifically for caterpillars, with the spraying process taking place 40 days after the crop is sown.

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Ghasiram a farmer from Bichua village said “This technique is a boon and it has improved not only the quantity but quality too. Mixing a small amount of alcohol about 50-100 ml with 15 L of water is recommended.”

Farmers also told that instead of the currently available pesticides such as Corogen, Amida, Acida, and Thio, which can be quite expensive, costing between ₹1,200 to ₹1,800 for moong crops, many farmers are opting for a more cost-effective alternative. They are choosing to spray a mixture of mahua liquor and water, which costs around ₹80. In comparison, country liquor is also a significantly cheaper option, priced at ₹100-150.

On the other side, scientists have expressed their viewpoints. They are not yet assured and there has been no proper evidence to justify if alcohol does boost agriculture productivity. But scientists have claimed that alcohol can be used to eradicate pest infestations. Senior Scientist from Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Dr. SB Agarwal, stated that there is currently no scientific research or study that substantiates the claim that alcohol can enhance the quality of moong crops.

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It is observed that 10.79 lac hectare is under moong cultivation compared to last year with 9.29 hectares under cultivation. According to analysis, it was found that Madhya Pradesh in the year 2022-23 has reached a target of 2,75,645 metric tonnes for purchasing moong and state govt. had procured 3.5 lac tonnes. This state brings significant value to the economy and is a key producer.


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