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Big Equipment Company Will Manufacture New 'Big Bud' Tractors

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The collab of Big Equipment Company in Havre, Montana with Rome Agricultural and Construction Equipment in Cedartown, Georgia to build a new 'Big Bud' tractor has been making waves in the farming industry this week.

This Big Bud tractor will be released in March 2023. One of the main goals, according to Ron Harmon of Big Equipment Company, is to offer tractors with parts that can be easily repaired by farmers, general mechanics, or dealerships.

Being some of the largest tractors in the world, Big Bud tractors are difficult to miss. For the first time in more than 30 years, Big Equipment Company in Havre is starting to manufacture a brand-new one.

Owner Roy Harmon stated that "our final production run" was in 1991. In 32 years, a lot can occur. By using only Caterpillar drive components in their new 2023 640 Big Bud Tractor, Harmon hopes to fill a gap in the agricultural industry.

To assist in resuming the production of big buds, they are collaborating with Rome Agricultural and Construction Equipment of Cedartown, Georgia. Harmon stated that although they don't have a final price, they want it to be equal to or less than what someone would pay if they went to a major manufacturer.

One of the main goals of this new tractor is to offer a tractor with parts that can be repaired without restriction by farmers, mechanics, or dealerships.

As opposed to leaving it as it is now, where owners can hardly do anything to keep their equipment running, Harmon said, "To put the owner or end-user in control, we wanted to go back and construct another tractor."

This particular tractor is just one of many that Keith Richardson has created over the years while working with Harmon and Big Equipment. Up until 1991, they produced 14 different models of tractors, and he claims he appreciates the lack of simplicity.

He claims that they are pleased to have joined forces with Rome Agricultural and Construction Equipment to produce these new Big Bud tractors in Havre.

Harmon said, "We are using the heaviest drive components we've ever had. We'll start with 640 horses. Our first design will have 640 horses. This particular model has a range of 640 to 750 rpm, a CAT engine, an 18-speed CAT heavy-duty power shift, and enormous 988 CAT axles. It will all, therefore, be CAT drive components, though a Caterpillar mechanic who is limited to working on them is not required."

The 640 is scheduled to be released in March so that it can be displayed at the Con Expo Trade Show in Las Vegas.

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