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Up to 60% Subsidy on Tractor Rotavator for Farmers: Apply Here for Benefits

With these substantial subsidies on Rotavators/Rotary Tillers, the Bihar government aims to modernize farming practices, making them more efficient and cost-effective for farmers across the state.

Up to 60% Subsidy on Rotavator/Rotary Tiller
Up to 60% Subsidy on Rotavator/Rotary Tiller

As the monsoon season (Kharif) wanes and farmers across Bihar gear up for Rabi crop cultivation, the state government is offering a helping hand to simplify agricultural tasks. In an effort to promote the use of modern agricultural machinery, particularly the Rotavator or Rotary Tiller, farmers can now avail of substantial subsidies of up to 60%. These subsidies aim to ease the financial burden on farmers while making their farming activities more efficient, saving both time and labor.

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Understanding the Rotavator/Rotary Tiller:

The Rotavator, also known as a Rotary Tiller Machine, is a versatile piece of equipment that attaches to a tractor, streamlining field preparation. This remarkable tool employs a series of blades to perform a range of essential tasks such as cutting, pulverizing, and mixing soil, ultimately leveling the ground. It is an economical and effective agricultural implement that can replace traditional cultivators, disk harrows, and levelers. The Rotavator is especially useful for preparing seedbeds and can efficiently remove or mix residue from crops like maize, wheat, chickpeas, and more.

Benefits of Using Rotavator/Rotary Tiller:

* Simplifies seed sowing.

* Efficiently clears crop residue.

* Enhances soil health.

* Saves money, time, and fuel, reducing the overall cost of farming.

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Subsidy on the Purchase of Rotavator or Rotary Tiller:

Under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme of the Bihar State Government, a generous subsidy of up to 60% is provided for the purchase of Rotavators or Rotary Tiller machines. To be eligible for this subsidy, the machinery must be operated by tractors with a minimum of 35 horsepower (BHP).

General category farmers can receive a subsidy of 50% of the equipment cost, up to a maximum of INR 25,000. Farmers from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Extremely Backward Classes are eligible for a subsidy of 60%, with a maximum of INR 30,000.

Market Price of Rotavator or Rotary Tiller:

Rotavators or rotary tillers are available in the market with prices ranging from 13,300 rupees to 1.68 lakh rupees. Farmers can choose a suitable model according to their specific requirements. Several well-known brands like Maschio Gasperdo, Shaktiman, Mahindra, Solis, Fieldking, and more offer these machines.

Documents Required for Application:

To apply for the subsidy, farmers need to provide specific documents, including:

*Aadhaar card

*Passport-sized photo

*Mobile number linked to Aadhaar

*Bank account details (a copy of the bank passbook)

*Computerized bill for the agricultural machine purchase

*Self-attested certificate

*RC (Registration Certificate) for tractor-operated machinery

How to Apply for Subsidy:

For farmers in Bihar, the process to avail the subsidy on Rotavator/Rotary Tiller Machines is straightforward. To apply, visit the official website of the Bihar Agricultural Mechanization Scheme at and submit your application online. Applications can be made on any working day, excluding government holidays.

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Contact Information for Farmers:

For additional information and clarification, farmers can visit the official website mentioned above. Moreover, they can reach out to the Deputy Director or Assistant Director of the Agriculture Department in their respective districts for further details.

Important Links Related to the Scheme:

*Direct Link for Scheme Application:

*Details of Agricultural Machinery Subsidy:

With these substantial subsidies on Rotavators/Rotary Tillers, the Bihar government aims to modernize farming practices, making them more efficient and cost-effective for farmers across the state. This initiative promises to be a significant step towards improving agricultural productivity and the livelihoods of the farming community. Don't miss the chance to upgrade your farming equipment while saving on costs; apply for the subsidy before the November 10 deadline.

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