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Shaktiman Power Harrow Folding- 2023, Specifications, & Features

Shaktiman Power Harrow Folding- 2023, Specifications, & Features

Farmers in India have always used Shaktiman Power Harrow Folding extensively, and getting the most productivity out of it is another benefit. With working widths of 5 and 6 meters, the Shaktiman power harrow range is designed specifically for tractors with category 3 hitches that have 160 to 250 horsepower.

Shaktiman Power Harrow Folding comes with cage, packer, and spike roller options. It is intended for use in very large, heavy-duty soil bed preparations. Shaktiman Power Harrow Folding has an implement power of 120–250 HP and is very economical and fuel efficient. The farmers greatly admire its amazing quality and efficiency, which are incompatible. The Shaktiman Power Harrow Folding in India increases farming productivity by simplifying complex and time-consuming tasks with ease and convenience.

In this Tractor News article, we’ll discuss the features and technical specifications of Shaktiman Power Harrow Folding, stay tuned till the end of the article to get all the detailed information.

Salient features of Shaktiman Power Harrow Folding

• Multi-speed gearbox with 540, 750, and 1000 rpm settings.

• Blades (Thickness 12 mm, Length 300 mm) (Thickness 12 mm, Length 300 mm).

• Side PTO shaft series 8 with automatic limiter, central PTO shaft series 10 with bolt torque limiter.

• Adjustable leveling bar at the rear.

• CE safety guards for European Union markets.

• Eradicator of the Central Track.

• Side Plates that can be adjusted.

• Lower hitching brackets are adjustable.

• Three-point hitch Cat II.


Technical specification of Shaktiman Power Harrow Folding Series




Overall length (mm)

5040 (unfolded) & 2440 (folded)

6000 (unfolded) & 2440 (folded)

Overall weight (mm)



Overall height (mm)

1535 (unfolded) & 2500 (folded)

1535 (unfolded) & 3000 (folded)

Working width (mm)



Tractor Power & power transferred to PTO

160-220 & 136-187

180-250 & 153-213

Frame offset (mm)

Category III (ISO 730 Standard)

PTO input speed (RPM)


No. of rotor flange

Distance between rotor flange (MM)

20 & 240

24 & 240

No. of blades



Blade dimensions (mm)

300 (L) x 12 (T)

Leveling bar


Stone deflector


Trough thickness (mm)


Cover thickness (mm)


Max working depth (mm)


Driveline safety device

Cam clutch limiter device

Weight (kg/lbs)

2500/ 5512



Shaktiman Power Harrow Folding

Additional Information

The SHAKTIMAN Power Harrow is ideal for crops that require deeper tillage, such as potatoes and tuber crops. Its long boron steel blades aid in deep tillage in any type of soil. It reduces the number of tillage operations by reducing the number of passes, which aids in soil compaction. It has a multispeed option for adjusting the speed to meet the needs of the customer. The leveling bar is standard, and the accessories include three types of rollers: packer rollers, spike rollers, and cage rollers.


Its long and sharp blades are capable of ploughing any land and achieving tillage depths of up to 10 inches. Its strong structure is welded with thick plates, ensuring that it can withstand the harshest conditions. Its Gear Box, which is made of high-quality components, ensures that the implement will last longer. It ensures faster operation and faster completion of functions, lowering fuel consumption and soil compaction.

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